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Diary of mad man

Book of the Dead Names

Where the reader will discover the Testimony of Abl-Al Hazred , your servent.

the book reveals the places of wonder I visited, the unhearthly horrors I encountered, which lead me to forsaking madness as show in my diary, the diary of a madman. For it must be madness to believe in the things I have seen, in the rituals I have performed, in the places I have been and the Times I have visited.

the Reader will find throughout these pages the sum of all knowledge I have collected during this maddenning journey. May this book take place that of a warning against the Things that are Waiting Between Worlds...

Diary of Mad Man

To be a black magician is perhaps ye most dangerous thing one can attempt, for you risk not only your life and mind but your essence -- what simpler minds call ye "soul" -- as well. You may beat ye odds and become a god, but most likely you will go mad.

Or -- and this may be worst of all -- you may do both.

Oh thou who wrote of evil things remember : they always are inspired by Ye Evil Ones you shall meet after your passing, so turn your dark thoughts to repentment and prayer since ye road to Hell is much shorter than what you believe : do not let you wicked soul to become as dark as this page.

We hunt a horror that feeds on human tears . . .

After the western horizon's blood turns black, and all through the dusky hours, I, in my solitude, roam the far flung realms of time. In ancient halls with brazen censers smoldering, strange shadows dance across vaulted ceilings and curtains of rich velvet. And those stone chambers ring with echoes of the twisted language of conjuration, lighted by the glow of otherworldly powers. The walls meet at impossible angles and there tread unearthly fiends that are deranged nightmares come to life. Frozen by fear, I remain unseen. And ere a tint of rose in the east heralds the coming dawn I am released from my nocturnal wanderings and am allowed to return from whence I came beyond the wall of sleep. Only then do all those things vanish and be gone with the morning mist until my awakening once again gives them life.

While traveling from island to island, I heard many tales of ancient and forgotten lore. Although I dismissed many of these stories as nonsensical superstitions, I found ye tale of Orobla singularly significant. It evoked half remembered feelings that I had not felt since I had slept in ye ancient city of many pillared Irem.

Hearken unto ye incessant prattle that constantly spewed forth from ye many mouths of Orobla, ye Beast of ye forgotten lies,

"Does ye horrid face of Boac-Treth tolerate frail human cowardice? You know that it can not. Such is its nature. So why, I say again unto you, why do you not arise and strike down ye blasphemers who would deny ye ultimate truth? You know your cowardice will not be tolerated. Ye wrath of ye Old Ones will surely fall upon you all! Do you not feel ye dreams of ye one who sleeps beneath ye waves? Do you hope that he will be pleased by your pathetic nature when his harsh gaze falls upon you? No. Surely, he shall devour you with all of ye others who have forgotten ye way! How can you continue to behave in such a frail and inconstant manner when all of you have seen ye wondorus lens of ye moon and ye crucible of eternal vitae? You puny beings are as worthless as so much excrement. I will laugh with joy when Yog-Sothoth and his favored son appear. They together shall set aright all that has been mislaid. I shall dance upon many legs when ye cloven feet of ye Goat with a Thousand Young pounds ye infidels back into ye dust from which they arose. I will be as one with ye dark minion himself, ye one who walks abroad in ye form of a man, but is not a man. I speak of he whose faces are as numerous as there are stars in ye heavens. His vicous rage needs not be mentioned for his way is known to all men. You should fear evoking his wrath for he is ye left hand of ye center, ye voice of ye ultimate destruction."

Such was ye way that Orobla would speak. It had expounded in this incessant manner for hours and days and years unnumbered, always cursing ye reticent nature of its many followers. Until that fortold day when ye moon was as crimson and flaming steel fell from ye stars. Upon that very day, when ye ruddy sphere hung at its apex like a severed head, ye Beast of forgotten lies was silent. Orobla has not uttered a sound since. His priests,who hide amongst ye men and women of Crete, reverently proclaim that when Orobla speaks again ye world shall be undone. They claim that R'leyh shall be hurled into ye sky and Cthulhu and his kind shall be freed to rule once again.

I know not if I should believe all of ye strange tales they told me, but ye previous legend was told with such conviction that I felt compelled to record it.

between ye dark and light
between heaven and hell
between dream and wakefulness
between ye heavens and earth
there is only us.

It is still bright, but for how long?..

There is something of heaven in death.

Because I could not stop for Death
he kindly stopped for me
Ye carriage held but him and me
and Eternity

I live, I will die, I will leave, I WILL come again.

Through the ages I have lived, secluded under the impass- able mountains of the unknown Kaddath, but now having dis- pelled the arcane powers that kept me imprisioned, I have returned, and I am here to wreak fiery death and chaos upon your lowly race. Behold the Power of Axn-Xcamr the all power- ful Keeper of the Yellow Sign, he who is dead yet lives!

Nay! Dead Cthulhu lies not dreaming, rather, listen to the rhythm of the waves, for they tell the fell story of a noisome day to come, when Cthulhu shall spew forth from dead R'Lyeh to lead his minions on a rampage of slaughter throughout the unsuspecting world....
I can no longer tolerate the slap slapping of the sea, for I hear the cries, feel the vibrations......waving tentacles deep down pound out an ancient rhythm, hordes of batrachian mouths gibber fiendishly....oh that I would never see the ocean again!!! Ia! Ia! Shib Niggurath save me! The goat with 1000 young have mercy.....nay, evn as I grovel on the floor of this rented tenement, I feel the walls close in about me..... is it? could it be? I hear them....the Hounds....the Hounds come and I am doomed... Mna 'Fth'ngui Fgthan......

Humans are such foolish creatures.... They know not of the Dark, of the Things Within, of Nyarlathotep, Cthulhu, or Shub-Niggaroth.

Few of the foolish creatures, Bolder, if less sane than the rest, Choose to learn, to understand. To find the secrets of the Night, to learn that which none should know.


There will come a day when they will walk amongst you. They will not be able to be seen for what they are by normal folk. Only those amonst you with true faith will be able to detect their evil and be able to stop them.
Do not fail as the fate of the world rests in your hands and as such, if you fail, the human race is doomed.

The night things are called forth
The time draws nigh
To find out what a man's soul is worth
In these trying times

Death calls and a new journey am I become
An empty shell is left under the lonely sun
All that is, was and ever shall be
Are in one spirit, a single journey

If I should while I am awake
My soul is gone, my body is fake
Down into those endless depths I fly
Where imagery of dark being are cast on a star lit sky

All these things I have seen
And even farther have I been

I am become
I am

The Darkness waits, the febrile moon
Casts arcane shadows. I do not dare
To utter your cursed name; I soon
will meet the Watcher standing there
At the Abyssal Gates. I pay my toll
In blood-red gold -- the veil parts, dim
and spectral lights illume my soul,
and my dream-dark master calls me to him.

Ia! Io! Mine eyes are rent by glorious destruction!

Book of the Old Ones

This Book is about The Old Ones, where they come from, where they lie and how they shall come again.

Ye Brood of the Dark Stars will be revealed to the reader. Here are tales of ancient history, stories known only by a few, for they caused unprepared Readers to seek their peace within uncanny madness.

Peaceful is the ignorant man whose vision of Earth is bounded by hills and the seas behind. Such a man lives on a small island of ignorance, unaware of the oceans of maddening absurdities surrounding this small world.

Of the Old Ones and their Spawn, or the narration of the Horrors that Once Came to Earth, the way they fell down and how Shall Come back ...

Prastaří ti a časy starodávné

Toto pojednává o příchodu těch Prastarých jedněch na Zemi, jak oni bránou odešly tam kde čekají hrůzy a zázraky jež zanechali na cestě jejich. Prastaří jedni přišli na Zemi a lidstvo stvořili aby otroky jim bylo pro jejich nenasytný zkažený hlad. Prastaří jedni přišli na Zemi, ale život nezanechali tam. Dlouho před příchodem Ubbo Sathla dlel v pářících močálech vašich a Země jež ještě byla té doby mladá pro Ubbo Sathla se stala pramenem a koncem.

Příběh ten o pradávných časech před člověčenstvem jest. Odešli oni Prastaří předlouho dávno. Učenci moudří zkusili vysvětlit odkaz jejich zvláštní korespondencí elementů zemských. Nechť čtenář nenechá zmáti se, podstata Prastarých není ovládána motivi lidskými. Mysl jejich zastřená a jejich cesty tajuplné jsou. Prastarých ještě nenadešel čas jejich. Vyčkávají oni v zapečetěných, zapomenutých místech, kde oni sní svůj čas kdy hvězdy správně budou opět. V podzemních chodbách Y'golonac spí, skrze sny své svolává ty kdož špatnost hledají.

O sestupivších Prastarých jedněch těch

Prastaří jedni sestoupili z hvězd, to psáno jsest v Knize Eibon. Prvotní kdož přišel byla věc černá, Tsathoggua, kdož přišel z kalného Cykranosh v čase kdy život na Zemi stvořen byl. Ne skrze hvězné prostory Tsathoggua přišel, ale skrze rozměry, které leží mezi nimi. Příchod na planetu tuto na místo toto do podzemní zátoky N'kai kdež v ponurých hlubinách prodlévá on pro cykly nesčíselné. Jak Kniha Eibon praví, před vnořením do světa horního. A poté Velký Cthulhu přišel jakožto další a veškeré sémě jeho zdáleného Xothu přišlo a přišly i Hlubinní jedni a přišli i odporní Yuggové kdož jejich oblíbenci jsou. I Shub Niggurath přišla z hrůzného šeptajícího Yaddithu, a národ lesů ten který slouží jí. Ale Prastaří jedni zplození z Azathotha toho prvotního. Ne vše sešlo k Zemi té. Ten kdož nesmí jmenován být plíží se stále u Aldebaranu na tmavém to světě se on skrývá. Rovněž Cthugha vybral příbytek svůj hvězdu Fomalhaut, načež zplodil on obávaného Aphoom Zhah. A Cthugha stále dlící n Fomalhaut obklopen vampíry ohivími jež jsou mu sluhy. Aphoom Zhah, sestoupil on Aphoom Zhah na Zemi tuto a dlel ve svém chladném království. Ukrutný Vulthoom strašný bratr černého Tsathoggua jest. Umírající Mars který za dominium své vybral si. Jak jest psáno ty kdož zplození z Azathotha přebývají uvnitř míst skrytých Země té. Když Prastaří jedni sestoupí dolů z hvězd v úsvitu průzračném oni sebou ponesou obraz a podobu bratra jejich. Moudří byli ti z Vnějšku kterým Hastur nevyslovitelný slouží. Ten kdož svrhl žářící Trapezohedron z tmavého Yuggothu na Rim, načež tvarovaný byl uměním nezvyklým ve dnech kdy ještě na Zemi nebylo života žádného. A žářící Trapezohedron byl spojen obávaným Nyarlathotepem s ním spojen byl a talismanem mu byl. Když Prastaří jedni vyzvali pomocníka svého Plíživý Chaos v hodině potřeby ohromné, kdy Starší bohové předstoupili před ně v jejich zlobě. Rovněž potřebovali oni Hlubinné kdož nesly ohyzdnou podobnost vousatého hada Byatis syna z Yig, kdož byl uctíván nejprve stinnými Valusiany předtím než planetě Zemi člověk začal vládnout a ještě později kdež původní Mu dlel. V den hodiny potřeby Prastaré jejich musí vzývat jejich, Hrozného bratra kdo daleko vzal světy kdež setrvávají a přinesl blíže obrazy pro účel tento. Nyní z těch hvězných přízraků pomálu je známo lidstvu. Říká se že utvořeni oni byli talimanickým uměním a že ti černokněžníci a čerdějové v sféře Zemské nejsou hodni Prastarých jedněch a učení jejich.

But it is whispered in certain old, forbidden books an awesome power lurks within such images, and that through them, as through strange windows in time and space, Those that dwell afar can sometimes be evoked and summoned hither, as They were when that it came to pass, in the fullness of time, the Elder Gods descended on this world in Their wrath.

And there be those that worship the Great Old Ones through their image and likeness, but of this the must be wary, for such eidolons be uncanny, and betimes are known to drink the lives of they that handle them unwisely, or who seek through such images to summon to this sphere Those far off and better left undisturbed. Neither is it wholly within the knowledge of men to destroy such images, and many there be that sought the destruction thereof, who found their own destruction; but against such images from beyond the stars the Elder Sign hath very great power, although the must beware lest in the conflict betwixt That which you evoke to destroy the likeness of That which slumbereth afar, you be not consumed and swallowed up, or be yourself destrothed thereby, and that utterly, even unto your immortal soul.

O Prastarých jedněch a sémni jejich adsaf

Prastaří byli, Prastaří jsou a Prastaří budou. Z temných hvězd přišli dřív než bylo lidstvo zrozeno, nevidění a odporní sestoupili na prastarou Zemi. V hlubinách oceánů se rozrůstali, zatímco věky plynuly, dokud se z moře nezvedla zem. načež se v zástupech vynořili ven a temnota opanovala zemi.

Na zamrzlých pólech vyrostla mocná města a Ve výšinách postavili chrámy nepřirozeným těm jež bohové prokleli. Sémě Prastarých pokrylo Zemi a potomci jejich přetrvali věky. Shantankové z planiny Leng jež dílem jejich rukou jsou. Ghasti, kdož dlí v pradávných labyrintech Zinu je blahořečí jako pány své. Oni zplodili Na-Hag a Vyzábliny jež sedlají noc. Velký Cthulhu jejich bratrem jest a šoggoti jejich otroky. Dholové jim skládají poctu v nočním údolí Pnoth a Gugové zpěvem velebí je pod vrcholky starověkého Thorku.

Oni kráčeli uprostřed hvězd a kráčeli po Zemi. Město Irem ve Velké poušti znalo jich. Planina Leng v Chladné pustině je vidělo procházet. Mimočasová pevnost čnící do nebe nad mraky na hoře Neznámého Kadathu je jimi poskvrněna.

Prostopášně Prastaří kráčeli cestami temnoty a rouhání jejich bylo ohromné na celé Zemi. Vše co bylo vytvořeno bylo skloněno pod jejich silou a znalo jejich zkaženost. A Stařší otevřeli své oči a spatřili ohavnosti těch jež zpustošili Zemi. Ve své zlobě stáhli ruku svou proti Prastarým jedněm. Čekající uprostřed jejich zlotřilostí je odvrhli pryč ze Země, do prázdnoty jež bez řádu jest kde vládne Chaos a tvary se vytrácí. Starší zapečetili průchod a síla Prastarých pozbyla svou moc.

Odporný Cthulhu v době té z temných hlubin povstal a běsnil zuřivostí nepopsatelnou proti Ochráncům Země. A Starší svázaly jeho jedovaté sevření mocnými kouzly a jej uvěznili v městě Rlyeh. Kde on bude spát mrtvý a snít do doby než konce Věku nastane.

Za branou dlí nyní Prastaří jedni, v člověku nepoznaném vesmíru, v úhlech mezi světy. Mimo sféru Země oni setrvávají očekávajíc čas návratu svého. Země jich pamatovala a ví že čas jejich opět nastane.

Prastaří jedni, spojení s beztvarým hnusem Azathothem, jejich pánem, setrvávajíc s ním v černé sluji ve středu Universa. Kde hlodá hladově v původním Chaosu mezi šíleným tlukotem skrytých bubnů, mlčícího pískání neviděných píšťal a nikdy nekončícím křikem slepých slabomyslných bohů, motajících se a pohybujících se bezcílně až do konce věků. Duše jeho dlí v Yog Sothoth a on dá pokyn Prastarým jedněm když hvězdy určí čas příchodu jejich. Yog Sothoth bránou jest, kterou Prastaří jedni znovu vystoupí z prázdnoty. Yog Sothoth zná labyrinty času, čas sám jest jím a čás je Yog Sothoth. Ví odkud Prastaří přišli v pradávných dobách a ví odkud se vrátí až se cyklus začne opakovat.

Po dni příde noc, dny člověka skončí, a oni budou vládnout tam kde již jednou vládli. Jako ohavnost budou známi a jejich prokletí Zemi bude špiniti...

Hlas Hastura tohoadsaf

Slyšte hlas obávaného Hastura toho. Slyšte povzdech truchlivý víru šíleného, spěchajícího větru nejzazšího vířícího temně mezi mlčícími hvězdami. Slyšte toho kdož vyje, rozeklaného hada dlícího v útrobách dolní země. Toho jehož ustavičné burácení stále plní mimočasové oblohy skryté planiny Leng .Nikdo nepozná toho kdož lesy mocně trhá a města bortí, nikdo nepozná ruku jež udeřila a duši která ničí ve jménu beztvarého hnusu Prokletého jednoho jehož forma lidem nejasná se jeví. Slyšte pak hlas jeho v hodině té temné, odpovězte volání jeho, skloňte se v modlitbě při příchodu jeho a však nikdy jména jeho na hlas neproneste.

K Nyarlathotepovi vztahující seadsaf

Slyším plíživý chaos jež volá z poza hvězd. A oni Nyarlathotepa stvořili, aby poslem jejich stal se a zahalili jej oni do chaosu aby forma jehož skrytá byla uprostřed hvězd. Kdož zná tajemství Nyarlathotepa? Protože on jest maska a vůle těch jež přebývali když zákony času ještě nebyly stanoveny. On kněžím jest, éterem, obývajícím vzduch a tváří mnoho má, které nikdo nedokáže přivolat zpět. Vlny ustanou před ním. Bohové obávají se jeho volání. Našeptává ve snech lidských těm kdož znali formu jeho?

Ye Serpent beared Byatis

Byatis, the serpent-bearded, the god of forgetfulness,son of Yig, came with the Great Old Ones from the stars, called by obeisances made to his image which was brought by the Deep Ones to Earth. He may be called by the touching of his image by a living being. His gaze brings darkness on the mind; and it is told that those who look upon his eyes will be forced to walk into his clutches. He feasts upon those who stray to him, and from those upon whom he feasts he draws a part of their vitality, and so grows vaster. For there is this about those images of the Great Old Ones brought down from the stars when all the Earth was young, that a psychic link connects such as Byatis or Han to their images, and they that worship the Great Old Ones and who serve them on this plane may communicate with their Masters through such ideals; but a fate darkling and terrible beyond belief is reserved for they who unwittingly possess such idols from Beyond, for them the Old Ones drain vitality through this psychic link, and their dreams are made hideous with nightmare glimpses of the Ultimate Pit.

Of The Old Ones and the Gates

Concerning the Old Ones, it is written, they wait ever at the Gate. and the Gate is all places at all times, for They know nothing of time or place but are in all time and in all place together without appearing to be, and there are those amongst Them which can assume diverse Shapes and Features and any given Shape and any given Face and the Gates are for Them everywhere, but the first. was that which I caused to be opened, namely in Irem, the City of Pillars, the City under the Desert, but wherever men sayeth the forbidden Words, they shall cause there a Gate to be established and shall wait upon Them Who Come through the Gate, even as the Dhols, and the Abominable Mi-Go, and the Tcho-Tcho people, and the Deep Ones, and the Gugs, and the Gaunts of the Night and the Shoggoths and the Voormis, and the Shantaks which guard Kadath in the Cold Waste and the Plateau of Leng. All are alike the Children of the Elder Gods, but the Great Race of Yith and the Great Old Ones failing to agree, one with another, and both with the Elder Gods, seperated, leaving the Great Old Ones in possession of the Earth, while the Great Race, returning from Yith took up Their Abode forward in Time in Earth-Land not yet known to those who walk the Earth today, and there wait till there shall come again the winds and the Voices which drove Them forth before and That which Walketh on the Winds over the Earth and in the spaces that are among the Stars forever.

Concering Ubbo-Sathla

Ubbo-Sathla is the source, the unbegotten beginning from whom came those who dared set themselves against the Elder Gods who ruled from Betelgueze, those who warred upon the Elder Gods, the Great Old Ones led by the blind idiot god, Azathoth, and Yog- Sothoth, who is All-in-One and One-in-All, and upon whom are no strictures of time or space, and whose agents are 'Umr At-Tawil and the Ancient Ones, who dream forever of that time when once again they shall rule, to whom rightfully belong Earth and the entire universe of which it is a part...

Great Cthulhu shall rise from R'lyeh, Hastur the Unspeakable shall return from the dark star which is in the Hyades near Aldebaran, the red eye of the bull, Nyarlathotep the messenger of the Ancient Ones shall howl forever in the darkness where he abideth, Shub-Niggurath shall spawn his thousand young, and they shall spawn in turn and shall take dominion over all wood nymphs, satyrs, and the Little People, Lloigor, Zhar, and Ithaqua shall ride the spaces among the stars, and those who serve them, the Tcho-Tcho, shall be ennobled, Cthugha shall encompass his dominion from Fomalhaut, and Tsathoggua shall come from N'kai. ...

They wait by the gates, for the time draws near, the hour is soon at hand, and the Elder Gods sleep, dreaming, and there are those who know the spells put upon the Great Old Ones by the Elder Gods, as there are those who shall learn how to break them, as already they know how to command the servants of those who wait beyond the door from Outside.

For Ubbo-Sathla is the source and the end. Before the coming of Tsathoggua or Yog- Sothoth or Cthulhu from the stars; Ubbo-Sathla dwelt in the steaming fens of the new- made Earth: a mass without head or members, spawning the gray, formless efts of the prime and the grisly prototypes of terrene life.....And all earthly life, it is told, shall go back at last through the great circle of time to Ubbo-Sathla.

Of ye Old Ones and Elements

Dagon was referred to as "Leader of ye Deep Ones", but he was not ye primary Water -Being worshiped. Indeed it was ye very son of Him whom Dagon and ye Deep Ones served. The wizards of ye sea-god cult called him Zoth-Ommog, ye Dweller in ye Deeps, one of ye 3 sons of Cthulhu who had been mighty gods in elder Mu before ye cataclysm destroyed that shadow- haunted and primal continent in prehistoric times. Early man had worshiped a pantheon of divinities that had come down from ye stars when ye Earth was young. These beings were essentially malign and had ruled man through fear, being more demons than gods; ye most common term for them was "ye Old Ones," and they were not even remotely human-like.

They had some innate correspondences to ye four elements of earth, air, fire and water: for example, ye chief divinity, a winged, octopus-headed monstrosity named Cthulhu, was a sea-elemental; his half-brother, Hastur, was an air-elemental (and costantly at odds with Cthulhu); another, named Cthugha, was a fire-elemental, and so on. These were known as ye Great Old Ones, and subservient to them was a second group of minor entities called ye Lesser Old Ones, comprised of beings who served ye Great Old Ones as leaders of their minions or servants. For example, ye minions of Cthulhu were called ye Deep Ones, led by Father Dagon and Mother Hydra, and ye minions of Cthugha were ye so-called "Flame-Creatures," whose leader Fthaggua, dwelt on a world called Ktynga, while ye great air-elemental, Hastur, was served by ye Outer Ones, under their leader N'gha-Kthun. These beings were identified with ye famous Abominable Mi-Go.

These Old Ones having warred against and been defeated by a superior, rival pantheon called ye Elder Gods, who either banished them to distant stars (as Cthugha to Fomalhaut and Hastur to Aldebaran), or imprisoned them at various places upon ye Earth. Cthulhu himself they locked away in a sunken stone city called R'lyeh beneath ye Pacific; his son Ghatanothoa they sealed within ye mountain on Mu, and his second son, Ythogtha, was imprisoned in a chasm in Yhe, a Muvian province, while Zoth-Ommog lay chained beneath ye ocean off ye "Island of ye Sacred Stone Cities."

Cthulhu had fathered 3 godlings on a female entity named Idhyaa, who dwelt on or near ye "dim green double star, Xoth," in ye aeons before his descent to this planet. Thus ye materials relating to Cthulhu and his sons is sometimes called ye Xothic Legend-Cycle.

As for ye twin leaders of this rebellion, Azathoth ye Demon-Sultan and Ubbo-Sathla, the Unbegotten Source, they were reduced to idiocy by ye Elder Gods, who thrust Azathoth beyond ye physical universe into primal Chaos from which he can never return, while Ubbo-Sathla they confined forever at ye subterranean place referred to only as "gray-litten Y'qaa, beneath ancient Hyperborea.

Of Y'golnac

Even the minions of Cthulhu dare not speak of Y'golonac; yet the time will come when Y'golonac strides forth from the lonliness of aeons to walk once more among men ...

Beyond a gulf in the subterranean night a passage leads beyond the wall where rises Y'golonac to be served by the tattered eyeless figures of the dark. Long has he slept beyond the wall, and those which crawl over the bricks scuttle across his body never knowing it to be Y'golonac; but when his name is spoken or read he comes forth to be worshipped or to feed and take on the shape and soul of those he feeds upon. For those who read of evil and search for its form within their minds call forth evil, and so may Y'golonac return to walk among men and await that time when the earth is cleared off and Cthulhu rises from his tomb among the weeds, Glaaki thrusts open the crystal trapdoor, the brood of Eihort are born into daylight, Shub-Niggurath strides forth to smash the moon-lens, Byatis bursts forth from his prison, Daoloth tears away illusion to expose the reality concealed behind, Aphoom Zhah rises from the bowels of Yarak at the ultimate and boreal pole, Ghatanothoa emerges from his crypt beneath the mountaintop fortress of Yaddith- Gho in eldritch Mu, and Zoth-Ommog ascends from the ocean deeps. Ia! Nyarlathotep! By their very images shall ye conjure them.

This is not a vain prophecy, for ye Legacy of Ye Old Ones is so very real, as it will be shown to the Reader...

Legacy of Ye Old Ones

Ye Legacy of Ye Old Ones

Only then They shall return, for That is Not Dead, which can Eternal Lie, yet with Strange AEons, Even Death may Die.

Ye Old Ones dream and wait. They feed on human dreams, and Their dreams feed human nightmares, taking the weave of dream from most people and giving only to a few, doomed chosen Ones who are taught about Ancient Times, places or legends long forgotten, like the one of Cyaegha Who Did Not Know It Existed, or the Dream-Witch Yidhra. Hence They shall never be forgotten, only by a few.

Ye Old Ones dream and wait. Yet Earth is still stained by Their presence. Deep within the nethermost caverns, Ye Worm That Gnaws grows and feeds. The Reader who wants to become Traveller shall prepare himself long ago for a journey into such places...

Concerning Cyaegha

Here the dark is blacker than black and a color of its own, where nothing is something, and the dark is yet clearer than light, it was. It had always been there; It thought at those times when it was able to think at all, those short periods of consciousness between eternally seeming periods of what could only be sleep or nonexistence, and maybe It died each time and was reborn, if It could die at all, which It didn't know either. Then It tried to think of Itself, and It knew It had a name, which was Cyaegha, which told It nothing about Itself except that It did exist. It just was, It couldn't be touched in Its somewhere place which was nowhere, but neither could It touch other things.

It could be called evil, if evil would have had a rational meaning to Itys existence, which it hadn't. Rather Cyaegha was something beyond the man-made laws of good and evil, a natural force, or a natural happening like a wood-fire or a tornado, or a storm, or just plain death, something to which no artificial laws apply.

Sometimes during those scarce moments when It was allowed to think, or maybe allowed Itself to think, because It didn't know if the sleep-death periods were or weren't created by Itself, It tried to remember more than Its name. Then there came sights of millenia of blue ice and then of fire-spitting volcanoes, warts on the face of Earth, and it all seemed so utterly stupid and unimportant to Cyaegha that it revolted It, so It went back to death and slumber. Time had no real meaning either, it was just something which went by unnoticed, utterly unimportant to something such as Cyaegha, trapped in Its maybe self- made prison and only by Its mind in contact with the outer reality. And at those times when It was awake, fully awake, It hated, as only something can hate which is beyond good and evil. Its whole consciousness became that hate, because that was the only thing It could do. It saw with eyes that were no eyes, and It heard with ears that were not ears, and It thought with Its whole being because It didn't possess such primitive organs as brains either. Silently It hated.

Through the aeons some of Its alien dreams touched men and drove them gibbering mad. Some were more strongly protected and just felt the outer touches of Its dreams, and tried to interpret then consciously in essays, or used them unconsciously in weird stories. Some authors wrote them down as stories, knowing that the world would never accept such an utterly alien reality. Of course they too were considered as insane, as those who really had been driven mad by Its dreams. None had the knowledge and the possibilities to search for other clues. Because Its name had already been written down long ago, or other names which they thought was Its, carved on limestone tablets; and Its shape had been painted on the walls of subterreanian caves, still waiting to be opened. But Its shape was not real and constantly changed, and later they wrote about It with trembling fingers on ancient scrolls, and still later on parchments, and all were burned when they were discovered. And when some dared to print Its name, the writers and printers were burned together with their books. But some always survived, some always stayed sane or at least partly, and interpreted Its dreams. Some prayed to It, offering It still warm, beating hearts torn out of the bleeding chests of sacrificial victims, and still others cursed It in many languages, but It couldn't care less. It didn't hate then more or less for what they did. It hated then all with Its whole being.

And sometimes Cyaegha dreamed too, dreamed of the others, just like Itself, and yet so different, as ancient as Itself and as hidden as Itself, by aeons of nameless terror. And It wondered where they were.

In hiding, or chained,as Itself? Waiting...always waiting.

Hating...always hating. And the Dark That Waits has 5 who guard the temple and the Dark,and they are called Vaeyen. They are The Black Light, the White Fire which is Blacker than Night, the White Dark which is more red than the Fire, the Winged Woman, and the Green Moon, Who keep and guard Him in His Darkness.

The Naga? that serve Cyaegha are earth creatures with toadlike bodies, transparent, with pulsating innards covered only by a thin layer of leathery skin. They have the hind legs of a frog, and the forelegs of a man. They moves crablike, crawling on their lumpy bellies, and pushing with the force of their hind legs, giving themselves direction by muscular movements of their bellies. All four of each one's forelegs are raised mantislike. Their faces consist mainly of bulging eyes and an oversized mouth with two forked tongues.


A hundred April winds disperse her fragrance,
A thousand wet Octobers scour her footprints,
The ruthless years assail the ancient memory of her presence, yet
Where Yidhra walks the hills do not forget.

It is clear that the most ancient gods, the prototypes of all the gods of man, were known and worshipped before men existed; and it is further clear that the most ancient gods all proceed from the one source. That source is sometimes called Mlandoth, and all gods are but varied manifestations and extensions of the One. But whether Mlandoth is a place, or a conscious entity, or an inconceivable maelstrom of unknown forces and properties outside the perceptible cosmos is not known surely.

Certainaly Ngyr-Khorath, the mad and monstrous thing which haunted this region of space before the solar system was formed and haunts it still, is but a local eddy of the vastness that is Mlandoth. And is not fabled "Ymnar, the dark stalker and seducer of all Earthly intelligence," merely the arm of Ngyr-Khorath, an organ created in the image of Earthly life and consciousness to corrupt that life and lead it to its own destruction?

And does not even great Yidhra, who was born of and with the life of Earth and who through the aeons intertwines endlessly with all Earthly life-forms, teach reverence for Mlandoth?

Before death was born, She was born; and for untold ages there was life without death, life without birth, life unchanging. But at last death came; birth came; life became mortal and mutable, and thereafter fathers died, sons were born, and never was the son exactly as the father; and the slime became the worm and the worm the serpent, the serpent became the yeti of the mountain forests and the yeti became man. Of all living things only She escaped death, escaped birth. But She could not escape change, for all living things must change as the trees of the north must shed their leaves to live in winter and put them on to live in spring. And therefore She learned to devour the mortal and mutable creatures, and from their seed to change Herself , and to be as all mortal things as She willed, and to live forever without birth, without death.

Yidhra devoured the octopus and learned to put forth a tentacle; she devoured the bear and learned to cloth herself in fur against the creeping ice of the north; indeed can Yidhra take any shape known to living things. Yet no shape can she take which is truly fair, for she partakes of all foul creatures as well as fair. To her followers she appears in many fair and comely forms, but this is because they see not her true form, but only such visions as she wills them to see. For as the adepts can send their thoughts and visions to one another over great distances so can Yidhra send her thoughts to men and cause them to see only what she wills. Indeed it is by sending her thoughts that Yidhra remains in one soul, for in body she is many, hidden in the jungles of the south, the icy wastes of the north, and the deserts beyoun the western sea. Thus it is that though her temples are many, she waits by all, combining bodily with her diverse followers, yet her consciousness is a vast unity.

The Mad Lama of Prithom-Yang has written:

Yidhra, the Lonely One, craving the life of all things;
Lonely One, needing the life of the Earth.
Yidhra,the Goddess, ruling her avatar races;
Goddess, of vulturine Y'hath of the sky,
Goddess, of Xothra who sleeps in the Earth
and wakes to devour
Goddess, of men in strange places who worship her.
Yidhra, the Hierophant, teaching her followers mysteries;
Hierophant, teaching strange tongues of the elder world.
Yidhra, the Bountiful, making the hills and the meadows green;
Bountiful, showing the way to the desert springs,
Bountiful, guarding the flocks and the harvest.
Yidhra, the Lover, needing the seed of her followers;
Lover, who must have the seed of all things,
Lover, who must have the seed of change or die,
Lover, whose consorts are changed,
infused with the seed of the past and changed
to forms not of past nor of present.
Yidhra, the Mother, bringing forth spawn of the past;
Mother, of all things that were,
Mother, of children of past and of present,
Mother, whose children remember all things
of their fathers long dead.
Yidhra, the Life-Giver, bringing long life to her followers;
Life-Giver, giving the centuries endlessly
to her children and lovers and worshipers.
Yidhra, the Restless One, needing the sons of new fathers;
Restless One, sending her followers forth
to seek new blood for her endless change,
Restless One, craving new lovers outside the blood
of her worshipers
lest she and her spawn and her followers
shrivel and wither in living death.
Yidhra, the Dream-Witch, clouding the minds of her followers;
Dream-Witch, hiding her shape in illusion,
Dream-Witch, cloaking her shape in strange beauty.
Yidhra, the Shrouder, wreathing the faithless in shadow;
Shrouder, devouring the errant and hostile ones,
Shrouder, who hides men forever. . . .


Of ye Worm that Gnaws

De nethermost caverns are not for ye fathoming of eyes that see; for their marvels are strange and terrific. Cursed ye ground where dead thoughts live new and oddly bodied, and evil ye mind that is held by no head. Wisely did Ibn Schacabao say, that happy is ye tomb where no wizard hath lain, and happy ye town at night whose wizards are all ashes. For it is of old rumour that the soul of ye devil-bought hastes not from his charnal clay, but fats and instructs ye very worm that gnaws; till out of curruption horrid life springs, and ye dull scavengers of earth wax crafty to vex it and swell monstrous to plague it. Great holes secretly are digged where earth's pores ought to suffice, and things have learnt to walk that ought to crawl.

Book of Places

This Book is about lands on Earth and beyond, real places and dreamed ones, and about the ways to visit them.

Ye Reader willing to start a journey in the places described in this book shall be prepared to be revealed the mysteries of unearthly places. Some still remain, of others nothing is left than whispered legends of doom and destruction. Few are the ones who could visit such places, and even fewer are those who came back from the journey with enough sanity left to tell about them.

Earthly Places will be described first, for the Traveller may reach them with human ways. Then will be shown Outer Places, where the Old Ones came from and where They shall return one day. These are not possible to see without the help of an Old One or one of Their Followers, for they are most often located beyond the walls of Time and Space.

More peculiar are the last places shown in this book, for they were created by mankind dreams in a strange realm. Skilled Travellers may go there physically, through gates and doors. Dreams are yet the easiest way to visit these cities and the lands around them.

Of Earthly places, and the hidden cities where the Old Ones wait and dream...

Of Earthly places

Ye Old Ones came, and they built their own places. Most of them were Cyclopean cities, raised by Ye Old Ones or destroyed by Them. Made of black obsidian and ever strong basalt, they were built to ye image of their Makers : huge alleys where They can Walk on Winds, countless pillars and towers rising to ye skies like filthy claws, shiny domes and crystal windows, from where they could watch ye Stars They Came From.

Leng in Ye Cold Waste is one of those cities, hidden halfway between this world and ye realms of Dreams in ye northernmost lands of Earth. Hidden as well in ye furnace of a burning desert lies Irem Of Thousand Pillars, dressed like a jewel behind a wall of sand.

Others are places where one of Them has been banished and is waiting, dreaming of ye Times when they shall rule again. Cthulhu is locked away in a sunken stone city called R'lyeh beneath ye Eastern Ocean, close to ye lost continent of Mu. His son Ghatanothoa lays within ye mountain of Mu. His second son, Ythogtha, was imprisoned in a chasm in Yhe, a Muvian province. Zoth-Ommog lay chained beneath ye ocean off ye "Island of ye Sacred Stone Cities." Ubbo-Sathla, ye source and ye end lay confined forever at ye subterranean place referred to only as "gray-litten Y'qaa, beneath ancient Hyperborea.

These are not empty places however. Servents and minions still lurk in ye dark corners of titanic streets. In addition to ye dangers of such journey, ye Traveller shall be prepared to face ye Ones who still worship Them in ye Dark. With much wisdom and mastery of the Art of Arcanes, ye Traveller may find there artefacts and allies to start an even more dangerous journey ; the very path of ye Outer Places, where ye Old Ones came from and where some are still dreaming...

Ten Leng v pustině chladnéadsaf

Kdož na sever hledí za zemí soumraku z Inquanok nalezne tam zamrzlou, pustou, tmavou a mocnou rovinu přemnohokrát zakázaného Lengu. Vězte že stranit se Lengu vždy jest čas. Hořící pekelnými ohni a znečistěný skřípáním ohavných ptáků Shantaků jež ve výšinách se prohání. Poskvrněné vitím Na Hag jež plodil v nočních jeskyních a navštěvuje sny člověčenstva s šílenstvím neznámým a šedým chrámem z kamene v útrobách slůje Nočních vyzáblin, v němž v osamocení přebývá ten kdož žlutou masku nosí. Ale buď na pozoru O člověče, opatruj se před těmi kdož vkročily do temnot opevnění Kadathu protože ten kdož spatřil jeho ?vznešené? Pány, bude znát pařáty zkázy.

Of Irem Of Thousand Pillars

Irem Zhat al Imad, Irem of the Pillars, the great city. I have spent ten years in the heart of the "Roba al Khaliyeh," the empty space, the great southern desert colored "Dahma," crimson. And I have seen the fabulous many pillars of Irem and I have been called "majnun," mad and possessed of the Jinn. Many are the strange and unbelievable marvels that may be seen there. Alas for the earth has swallowed up the City of Pillars, no more do the caravans of frankincense pass by. Many have called it a town of great wickedness, but do they dare comprehend the fabulous?

Irem was an earthly paradise to the initiated. Towers rising high, the great octagonal fort, alas no more! And there were places here of hidden knowledge and of power.

Some say it was built by giants, some by the tribe of Ad, but Irem was here before men and though swallowed she will protect her secrets from the profane, releasing them to the knowing

For there are many levels of existence for Irem, many levels of reality. So Irem of the Old Ones still exists in some form, and is not this great desert, this empty quarter connected to the void.? Cannot a Muqarribun interact with its unseen denizens in the Crimson Desert?

Of R'leyh Ye Deep

Of all places where Ye Old Ones lay dreaming, R'lyeh may be ye most infamous. Once ye proud city of Cthulhu and His Servants, R'lyeh lays now underneath the weeds, sunken away into deep and dark waters southern of long forgotten Mu.

It is said that when comes ye Times when ye Stars are right, of all other places R'lyeh shall be ye first to rise to Earth and release legions of ye brood of Cthulhu. Until then, in his lost city of R'lyeh, Cthulhu waits and dreams...

Phn'glui M'gl wna'f, Cthulhu R'lyeh Wgha Nagl Ftaghn"




Of Outer Places

In Outer Space most of these places are, for ye Old Ones came from ye Dark Stars. Tsathoggua was ye first, he came from dim Cykranosh not long after ye creation of life on this planet. His brother Vulthoom descended upon dying Mars. Great Cthulhu came hither next from distant dim green double star Xoth, with His Spawns, ye Deep Ones and ye Goddess-Bitch Shub-Niggurath followed them soon after from nightmare-rumored Yaddith. Hastur ye Unspeakable left dark Yuggoth to stain the soil of Earth in its prime. Fthaggua, dwelt on a world called Ktynga.

Of ye Old Ones, not all came on Earth. Ye Demon-Sultan Azathoth, Him Who Is Not To Be Named, lurks ever on that dark world near Aldebaran in ye Hyades. Likewise, Cthugha chose for His abode ye star Fomalhaut.

To visit such places, ye Traveller shall be patient. Only a few chosen are allowed to travel through time and space and see by themselves ye very places where They were born. Either madness or Death is the toll for such a journey. However, it is possible, as ye following chapters will show, to open Windows or Gates though which one may look upon Ye Dark Stars. Ye ritual has a risk though, for Ye Old Ones or Their Minions may feel your gaze and track you down unmercifully.

[Translator's note : Abdul Al-Hazred died in Damascus, circa 738 A.D. Of his final death or disappearance many terrible and conflicting things are told. He is said by Ebn Khallikan (12th century biographer) to have been siezed by an invisible monster in broad daylight and devoured horribly before a large number of fright-frozen witnesses. It is probable one of these "Watchers" finally found him.]

Ye reader must be aware that The Old Ones are not the only makers of cyclopean cities. Mankind unexpectedly created the most beautiful countries, a place even Ancient Gods chose to rest peacefully. Some call that holly place, beyond the Silver Key Door, Ye Lands of Dreams

Visions of Yaddith

Each night the dream comes, and I sink submerged into another mind, an alien form which toils in metal chambers cold, bizarre, amidst the teeming warren of a nightmare realm where insect- mages strive to pen below some monstrous peril scarcely glimpsed or named, which gnaweth ever the foundations of the world... O, Mother, Mother, ever the same dark dream!

Perched on the giddy brink of vertiginous chasms, elaborate metallic structures tremble and sway to subterranean tremors from beneath. Untiringly, we mages seek and search the pentacle- inscribed plates and scrolls fetched hither from far worlds and fabulous, but without finding that for which we seek. The ground shakes. We ignore it, and search on.

My nine claws trace inexplicable hieroglyphs acid-etched in perdurable metal. Through odd- angled apertures pour diverse solar colors in five distinct luminosities. Crouched on my prism, I ponder cantrips to hold at bay the bleached and viscous swine-snouted worms. On Nython and Mthura, my brethren barter for more potent ensorcellments. For lack of these must the Nug-Soth perish in the foundering of intricate metal cities? Alas, the Mother remains indifferent as to which of the races of her minions triumph!

For ages and ages beyond all reckoning have the great Dhole-things lurked beneath, in noisome burrows where they fed and grew, waxed huge and strong beyond belief. Now are their black and fetid nests below no longer large enough to any more contain such prodigious progeny. They thrust and lurch against the walls of thought-projected force that held at bay for aeons interminable the Doom of Yaddith. And the walls give way...

Through labyrinthine streets, under the burning suns, we gather to the meeting-place of minds. There the Arch-Ancient One exhorts of us redoubled labors holding strong the force which walls away the squirming burrow-spawn. And once again we float to dimmest Xoth, and trans-galactic Stronti. But in vain...

Sheathed in bent light, we drift to Kythamil or Kath. The fungoid intelligences of Nzoorl repulse our entreaties. Even should we migrate to a world remote from this, the snouted worms can track us through our dreams which call like beacons through the eldritch dark... Nor can our cantrips any more suffice to hold at bay the loathed, unwholesome Dholes we never shall escape or long elude!

Our far-fled brethren, empty of hand, return from Yarnak and from ill-rumored Ymar, and terrible Shaggai. They voyaged far to Vhoorl in the remotest nebulae, to Zaoth and Ktynga, and, at last, remotest Phenoth beyond space itself, where rules the Crawling Chaos. They return fetching not hither that for which they sought -- the runes to keep the gruesome worm-things pent.

From world to world our brother-mages went for stronger spells, ever more potent runes; and on cold Abbith, where the Metal Brains in crystal caverns cogitate long ages by, they learned a fearful lore: the spells arcane for which we quest were known of old on Yith and Yith is perished untold eons past... Ever we toil on under the five-hued light, knowing at last there is not any hope.

Under the shuddering aurorae of the north, where glaciers crawl the meteor strewn waste, the thought-waves bring to us a tale of doom for City Three is fallen, fallen... No more the larvae in the breeding-pits shall mewl and slither, the Nug-Soth no more may stroll the broad metallic esplanade, nor mages ponder tomes of elder lore. For City Three is fallen, fallen...

No more are the departure-stages thronged. Now in their thousands are the Nug-Soth fled, armoured in closed light against the bitter cold and utter blackness that yawns between the stars. The metal pavement quavers underfoot, the broken towers totter toward collapse. I am among the very last to leave. For few remain to hold the Dhole-swarm back.

Inscrutable. The Mighty Mother smiles over her fleeing, her star-scattered brood, as night falls over Yaddith at the end. We hurtle through the frigid gloom of space to Zaoth or Shaggai or Kythamil leaving behind the ruin of a world, and little hope have we to long survive. The awful doom of Yaddith we evade will soon be snuffling at our heels again -- The snouted worms can track us through our dreams.

( From Lin Carter's notes posthumously published as "Visions from Yaddith" and often quoted as a work of Ariel Prescott in the Mythos )

Concerning Yuggoth

It is a strange dark orb at ye very rim of our solar system -- unknown to earthly astronomers as yet. At ye proper time.. ye beings there will direct thought-currents toward us and cause it to be discovered.

There are mighty cities on Yuggoth -- great tiers of terraced towers built of black stone. Ye sun shines there no brighter than a star, but the beings need no light. They have other subtler senses, and put no windows in their great houses and temples. Light even hurts and hampers and confuses them, for it does not exist at all in ye black cosmos outside time and space where they came from originally. The black rivers of pitch that flow under those mysterious cyclopean bridges -- things built by some elder race extinct and forgotten before ye beings came to Yuggoth from ye ultimate voids --(can drive a mad to madness or ecstacy).

But that dark world of fungoid gardens and windowless cities isn't really terrible. It is only to us that it would seem so. This world seemed terrible to them when they first explored it in ye primal age -- long before the epoch of Cthulhu was over. They have been inside ye earth, too--and the great worlds of unknown life down there; blue-litten K'n-yan, red-litten Yoth, and black lightless N'kai, from whence frightful Tsathoggua came.

Of Ye Dream Lands

dream land map

Of Ye Land of Mnar and Ye Doom That Came to Sarnath

There is in the land of Mnar a vast still lake that is fed by no stream, and out of which no stream flows. Ten thousand thears ago there stood by its shore the mighty city of Sarnath, but Sarnath stands there no more.

It is told that in the immemorial thears when the world was young, before ever the men of Sarnath came to the land of Mnar, another city stood beside the lake; the gray stone city of Ib, which was old as the lake itself, and peopled with beings not pleasing to behold. Very odd and ugly were these beings, as indeed are most beings of a world yet inchoate and rudely fashioned. It is written on the brick cylinders of Kadatheron that the beings of Ib were in hue as green as the lake and the mists that rise above it; that they had bulging eyes, pouting, flabby lips, and curipus ears, and were without voice. It is also written that they descende one night from the moon in a mist; they and the vast still lake and gray stone city of Ib. However this may be, it is certain that they worshipped a sea-green stone idol chiseled in the likeness of Bokrug, the great water-lizard; before which they danced horribly when the moon was gibbous. And it is written in the papyrus of Ilarnek, that they one day discovered fire, and thereafter kindled flames on many ceremonial occasions. But not much is written of these beings, because they lived in very ancient times, and man is young, and knows little of the very ancient living things.

After many eons men came to the land of Mnar, dark shepherd folk with their fleecy flocks, who built Thraa, Ilarnek, and Kadatheron on the winding river Ai. And certain tribes, more hardy than the rest, pushed on to the border of the lake and built Sarnath at a spot where precious metals were found in the earth.

Not far from the gray stone city of Ib did the wandering tribes lay the first stones of Sarnath, and at the beings of Ib they marveled greatly. But with their marveling was mixed hate, for they thought it not meet that beings of such aspect should walk about the world of men at dusk. Nor did they like the strange sculptures upon the gray monoliths of Ib, for those sculptures lingered so late in the world, even until the coming men, none can tell; unless it was because the land of Mnar is very still, and remote from most lands, both of waking and of dream.

As the men of Sarnath beheld more of the beings of Ib their hate grew, and it was not less because they found the beings weak, and soft as jelly to the touch of stones and arrows. So one day the young warriors, the slingers and the spearmen and the bowmen, marched against Ib and slew all the inhabitants thereof, pushing the queer bodies into the lake with long spears, because they did not wish to touch them. And because they did not like the gray sculptured monoliths of Ib they cast these also into the lake; wondering from the greatness of the labor how ever the stones were brought from afar, as they must have been, since there is naught like them in the land of Mnar or in the lands adjacent.

Thus of the very ancient city of Ib was nothing spared, save the seagreen idol chiseled in the likeness of Bokrug, the water-lizard. This the young warriors took back with them as a symbol of conquest over the old gods and beings of Ib, and as a sign of leadership in Mnar. But on the night after it was set up in the temple, a terrible thing must have happened, for weird lights were seen over the lake, and in the morning the people found the idol gone and the high-priest Taran-Ish lying dead, as from some fear unspeakable. But before he had died, Taran-Ish had scrawled upon the altar of chrysolite with coarse shaky strokes the sign of DOOM.

Many centuries came and went, wherein Sarnath prospered exceedingly, so that only priests and old women remembered what Taran-Ish had scrawled upon the altar. As Sarnath waxed mighty and learned and beautiful, it sent forth conquering armies to subdue the neighboring cities; and in time there sate upon the throne in Sarnath the king of all the land of Mnar and of many lands adjacent.

Lofty and amazing were the seventeen tower-like temples of Sarnath, fashioned of a bright multi-colored stone not known elsewhere. On the ground were halls as vast and splendid as those of the palaces; where gathered throngs in worship of Zo-Kalar and Tamash and Lobon, the chief gods of Sarnath, whose incense-enveloped shrines were as the thrones of monarchs. And at the lake, at night, was done the very secret and ancient rite in detestation of Bokrug, the water-lizard, and here rested the altar of chrysolite which bore the doom-scrawl of Taran-Ish.

Each thear was celebrated in Sarnath the feast of the destroying of Ib, at which time wine, song, dancing and merriment of every kind abounded. Great honors were then paid to the shades of those who had annihilated the odd ancient beings, and the memory of those beings and of their elder gods, were derided by dancers and lutanists crowned with roses from the royal gardens. And the king would look out over the lake and curse the bones of the dead that lay beneath it.

Gorgeous beyond thought was the feast of the thousandth thear of the destroying of Ib. For a decade had it been talked of in the land of Mnar, and as it drew nigh there came to Sarnath on horses and camels and elephants men of Thraa, Ilarnek, and Kadatheron, and all the cities of Mnar and the lands beyond. Before the marble walls on the appointed night were pitched the pavillions of princes and the tents of travellers. Within his banquet-hall reclined Nargis-Hei, the king, drunken with ancient wine from the vaults of conquered Pnoth, and surrounded by feasting nobles and hurrying slaves. Ther were eaten many strange delicacies at that feast; peacocks from the distant hills of Implan, heels of camels from the Bnazic desert, nuts and spices from Sydathrian groves, and pearls from wave-washed Mtal dissolved in the vinegar of Thraa.

Whilst the king and his nobles feasted within the palace, priests held revels in the tower of the great temple. And it was the high-priest Gnai-Kah who first saw the shadows that descended from the gibbous moon into the lake, and the damnable green mists that arose from the lake to meet the moon and to shroud in a sinister haze the towers and domes of fated Sarnath. Thereafter those in the towers, and without the walls beheld strange lights on the water, and saw that the gray rock Akurion, which was wont to rear high above it near the shore, was almost submerged. And fear grew vaguely yet swiftly, so that the princes of Ilarnek and of far Rokol took down and folded their pavilions and departed, though they scarce knew the reason for their departing.

Then, close to the hour of midnight, all the bronze gates of Sarnath burst open and emptied forth a frenzied throng that blackened the plain, so that all the visiting princes and travellers fled away in fright. For on the faces of this throng was writ a madness born of horror unendurable, and on their tongues were words so terrible that no hearer paused for proof. Men whose eyes were wild with fear shrieked aloud of the sight within the king's banquet-hall, where through the windows were seen no longer the forms of Nargis-Hei and his nobles and slaves, but a horde of indescibable green voiceless things with bulging eyes, pouting, flabby lips, and curious ears; things which danced horribly, bearing in their paws golden platters set with rubies and diamonds and containing uncouth flames. And by now the great gray rock Akurion was quite submerged. Through all the land of Mnar and the land adjacent spread the tales of those who fled from Sarnath, and caravans sought that accursed city no more. And where once had risen walls of three hundred cubits and towers yet higher, now stretched only the marshy shore of the vast still lake itself, and the gray rock Akurion which rears high above it near the shore. DOOM had come to Sarnath.

But half buried in the rushes was spied a curious green idol; an exceedingly ancient idol chiseled in the likeness of Bokrug, the great Water-Lizard God. That idol, enshrined in the high temple at Ilarnek, was susequently worshipped beneath the gibbous moon throughout the land of Mnar. And also, when the tide is low, can be seen an inscription on the gray rock Akurion which reads, in letters ancient, "Ib is gone but the Gods live on. Across the world is the Sister City, Lh-yib, hidden in the earth, in the barbarous lands of Zimmeria. There the People, the Deep Ones, flourish yet and there will the Gods ever be worshipped; even unto the coming of Cthulhu."

Kadath ten neznámýadsaf

Který muž poznal Kadath?

Pro koho je známý ten

jež vždy přebýval v cizím čase

splétající včerejšek, dnešek i zítřek.

Neznámo kde uprostřed chladné pustiny leží hora Kadath, kde na skrytém vrcholu hrad z onyxu stojí. Temná mračna zahalila pozoruhodný vrchol kde blízko září hvězdy starověké kde tiše dumají titánské věže a vztyčené jsou hradby zakázané. Prokleté runy střeží noční bránu tesanou rukami zapomenutými. Běda tomu kdož odváží se projít skrze tyto dveře strašlivé. Bohové zemští veselí se tam kde Jiní jednou vkročili do záhadné mimočasové haly, kde někteří záblesk matného sklepení mají ve spánku svém skrze oči cizí a nevidomé.

Book of Summoning

This Book is about the rituals to use and portals to open for summonning The Old Ones and Other Beings to this Earth.

Ye adventurous Reader has to remember always Who he will expose himself to when trying to summon One of Them. For it is a highly hazardeous thing to trouble the Dream of The Old Ones.

There are times, places and rules to respect. The patient and clever Reader will learn of the Times and the Seasons to be Observed and to Raise up the Stones before starting to practice.

Keep in mind They can rarely be banished easily. Their wills are strange and strange is Their logic.

With care and devotion, the Reader may use the Adjuration of Great Cthulhu or learn to Summon Shub-Niggurath the Black

To be thaught about strange times or travel without moving, the Reader may want to Call Forth Yog-Sothoth. There is a different Ritual for summoning Yog-Sothoth and opening the Gate for troubled times.

Other Higher Beings may teach the Reader about past or future events. This is the procedure for the invocation of He Who Lies Beyond the Veil and Who Shall Tear It Asunder at the time of the Great Dying. The Render may impart the the happenings of the past and future with greater accuracy than even that Cathay volume of good repute.


Ty časy a období kdy uzřít jich lze adsaf

Kdykoliv budete chtít volat ty dlící ve vnějšku, musíte správně zvolit období a čas, ve kterém sféry se protínají a vlivy jejichž proudí z prázdnoty

Jest třeba sledovat cykly Měsíce, pohyby planet, Sluneční kurs skrze zodiak a stoupající souhvězdí.

Obřady základní musí provedeny býti pouze v řádných jim náležících obdobích. Na Hromnice to jest druhý den druhého měsíce. Beltane předvečer května. Lammas ten jest dnem prvním osmého měsíce ročního cyklu. Roodmass čtrnáctého dne měsíce devátého a na Svátek všech svatých předvečer listopadu.

Obávaného Azathotha lze volat když Slunce ve znamení skopce, lva či střelce jest, Měsíc ubývá a Mars a Saturn v konjunkci jsou.Yog Sothoth povstane když Sluneční soustava vstoupí do ohnivého domu lva a doba Lammas nastává. Strašlivý Hastur se vyvolává na Hromnice v čase nočním, když Sluneční soustava je ve vodnáři a Merkur v trigonu. Na Velkého Cthulhu obrátiti se jen v předvečer Svátku všech svatých, když slunce setrvává v domě škorpiona a souhvězdí Orion povstane. Moc nejsilnější bude pokud všechna blahoslavení ulpí do cyklu když Luna v novu nachází se. Vyvolávat Shub Niggurath je možno když ohně Beltane žhnou na vrcholcích kopců a Slunce v druhém domě se nachází. Opakovat ritual v den Roodmass kdy Temný jeden (Nyarlathotep) zjevuje se.

Vztyčení kamenů těch adsaf

Pro stvoření Brány, skrz niž Oni mohou se z vnější prázdnoty manifestovat. Jest třeba sestavit kameny v jedenácterém uspořádání.


Za prvé je nutné vyzdvihnout čtyři základní kameny nechť ony vyznačí od váš čtyři větry, vyjí ony skrze svá období. Na sever umístěte kámen Velkého chladu, který bude tvořit bránu zimnímu větru, rytá sigilie náležící Zemskému býku vyrývaná směrem k vám jest tato(Taurus.)taurus

V prostoru na jihu pět kroků od kamenu severního, vy břidlicový kámen Prudkého žáru vztyčíte. Směrem k sobě jí zaopatříte sigilii Lvohada (Leo)leo

Kámen Vířivého větru musí na východ být postaven kde první bod rovnodennosti jest a směrem k vám vyryto znamení nositele vod.(aquarius)aquarius

Bránu spěchajícího proudu necháte přibít na západ nejblíže ke středu, pět kroků od vás ke kameni východnímu Kde Slunce za večera hyne a cyklus noci se vrací. Kámen opatřete znamením vyrytým směrem k vám, znak škorpiona jehož ocas hvězd dotýkati se bude.(Scorpion ).scorpion

Vyzdvihněte sedm kamenů, těm, kteří se na nebesích prochází. Vnitřní čtveřice skrze její různorodé vlivy, zajistí vám koncentrování síly. Od vás na sever za kamenem Velkého chladu, postavte první kámen Saturnu tři kroky od něj vzdálený. Takto dokonáte v protisměru chodu hodin, další oddělené kameny, Jupiteru, Merkuru, Marsu, Venuše, Slunce a Luny, každé opatřené znamením jim náležejícím.

Ve středu uspořádání postavíte oltář Prastarým jedněm, opatřeným znamením Yog Sothoth,

yog sothoth sign

a mocnými jmény Azathoth, Cthulhu, Hastur, Shub-Niggurath a Nyarlathotep.


Tyto kameny budou branou, kterou budete schopni volat je z vnějšku mimo čas a prostor. Snažně proste o nocích kameny, když Měsíční svit ubývá, Otočeni čelem k jejich příchodu. Mluvte slova a dělejte gesta, která přivolají Prastaré zpět, aby opět kráčeli po Zemi.

Přísaha velkému Cthulhu tomuadsaf

Prosba Velkému Cthulhu těm kdož chtějí moc nad přisluhovači jeho.

V hodinu a den když Měsíc se Sluncem ve znamení škorpiona jest, vy voskovou tabuli připravíte a znamením Cthulhu a Dagona popíšete ji. Zalijete kadidlem Zkauba ji a odložíte. Na předvečer všech svatých vy cestovati do místa osamělého musíte, kde země vysoko zvedati se bude nad oceán. Tabuli vyzdvihněte rukou pravou a znamení Kish rukou levou proveďte. Přednášejte zaříkání po třikrát a když poslední slovo promluvy třetí ve vzduchu zhyne, tehdy tabuli do mořských vln uvrhněte s těmito slovy.

V jeho domě R'lyehu mrtvý Cthulhu čeká a sní, dokud nepovstane a království jeho Zemi nepokryje.

A on ve spánku přijde k vám a znamení své vyjeví, skrze jež odemknete tajemství dlící v hlubinách.

Zaříkání to

O ty jež mrtvý a však stále snící

Slyš hlas služebníka tvého

Slyš mne O mocný Cthulhu!

Slyš mne pane snů!

Ve tvé pevnosti R'lyeh uvěznili tě

ale Dagon rozbije pouta prokletá

a Tvé království znovu povstane

Hlubinní znají tajné jméno tvé

Hydra příbytek tvůj

Odhal znamení jež smím já znát

Vůle tvá na Zemi

Když smrt zemře, tvůj čas nastane

a nebudeš spát víc

Dej umlčet vln mi moc

ať slyšeti mohu volání tvé

(po opakování třetím vhoďte tabuli do vln se slovy těmito):

V jeho domě R'lyehu mrtvý Cthulhu čeká a sní, dokud nepovstane a království jeho Zemi nepokryje.

Tabulka Rlyeh

Ku vyvolání Shub Niggurath té černéadsaf

Tam kde kameny byly postaveny vy volejte Shub Niggurath ona je ta kdož zná znamení a slova jež veškeré potěšení Pozemské poskytují.

V času tom když Slunce vstoupí do znamení skopce a čas noci se nachýlí, otočte tvář svou k vichru severnímu a nahlas recitujte:

Iah! Shub Niggurath

Černá kozo z lesů mocná

Já volám tě při stup!


Odpověz nářku služebníka tvého

kdož zná síly slova

(udělejte Voor)

Povstaň ze spánku svého

A vyjdi s tisícem dalších

(udělejte Kish)

Vykonal jsem znamení, vyřkl slova

tak dveře otevři!

Vyjdi ven otoč klíčem

Kráčej po Zemi naší ještě jednou! Teď!

Vrhněte perfém a na uhlí nakreslete pečeť Blaesu. Vyslovte slova síly ta:






Poté Černá koza vyjeví se a tisíc rohatých jedněch kdož vyjí povstanou ze Země. A vy držeti musíte před nimi amulet z Yhe, před kterýmž oni skloní se a odpovědí požadavků těch vašich.

talisman Yhe

Když vykázati je budete chtít vy, melodicky předneste slova ta: IMAS, WEGHAYMNKO, QUAHERS, XEWEFARAM, načež bránu znamením Koth zapečeťte.

Ku volání Yog Sothothadsaf

Yog Sothoth jest bránou

Kam Prastaří v minulosti odešli on ví

A ví odkud Prastaří se vrátí když čas se naplní

Když žádati si budete Yog Sothoth musíte setrvat až Slunce v pátém domě se Saturnem v trinu jest. Poté do kruhu kamenů vstupte a vykreslete kruh evokační za pomocí šavle obřadní z Barzai. Po třikrát v kruhu proti směru hodin obcházejte a otoče tvář svou k jihu předneste zaříkání jež bránu otevře.

Zaříkání to:

O ty jež dlíš v temnotě prázdnoty vnější. Vstup na Zemi ještě jednou snažně žádám tě já.

O ty kdož si přetrvával za sférami času, slyš hlas můj. (udělej znamení Caput Draconiscaput drakonis)

O ty jehož umění jest cestovat Bránou , při stup! při stup! Tvůj služebník tě volá. (udělejte znamení Kish)

BENATIR! CARARKAU! DEDOS! YOG-SOTHOTH! Při stup! Při stup! já vyřkl slova, rozbil jsem pouta tvá, pečeť odsunul, projdi skrze bránu a vstup do Světa skrze mocné znamení tvé! (vykonej znamení VOOR)

Nakresli pentagram ohnivý a zaříkání vyřkni jež Velkého jednoho před branou zjeví.

Pentagram ohně

Inkantace ta:

Zyweso, wecato, keoso, Xunewe-rurom Xeverator. Menhatoy, Zywethorosto zuy, Zururogos Yog-Sothoth! Orary Ysgewot, homor athanatos nywe zumquros, Ysechyroroseth Xoneozebethoos Azathoth! Xono, Zuwezet, Quyhet kesos ysgeboth Nyarlathotep!; zuy rumoy quano duzy Xeuerator, YSHETO, THYYM, quaowe xeuerator phoe nagoo, Hastur! Hagathowos yachyros Gaba Sub-Niggurath! meweth, xosoy Vzewoth! (vykonejte znamení Kauda Draconiscauda drakonis)


Při stup Yog Sothoth! Vyjdi ven!


Pak zjeví se on přinese Globy své, a dá pravdivou odpověď na vše co věděti přejete si. A on odhalí tajemství pečeti jeho, kterouž přízeň Prastarých získati si můžete až oni znovu po Zemi kráčeti budou.


Když hodina jeho odejde prokletí Starších bude nad ním uvaleno a táhnouti ho bude pryč mimo bránu kde on setrvá do doby než znovu vzýván bude.

Evokační kruh

Pro vyvolání Glóbů těch

Vězte Yog Sothoth 13 Glóbu má .Ony jsou silami vyžíračné hordy jež přisluhovači jeho jsou a oni vykonají vše co jest příkazem jeho ve Vesmíru vašem.

Volejte je kdykoliv potřebu budete pociťovati a ony propůjčí síly jejich vám. Volati je budete zaříkáním a skrze znamení jejich.

Globy Yog Sothoth mnoho rozličnými jmény zovou se a v mnoha tvarech přicházejí.

Prvé jméno jest GOMORY, ten jež přichází v podobě velblouda se zlatou korunou na hlavě jeho. Velí dvaceti šesti legiim pekla a předává znalost všech magických klenotů a talismanů.

Druhý duch jest ZAGAN, ten kdož se zjevuje jako ohromný býk, či hrozivě působící král. Tři a třicet legii se před ním klaní a mysteria moří učí.

Třetí se zove SYTYR ten kdož tvaru nabývá velkého prince. Šedesát legii náleží mu a vypráví tajemství času jež teprv má přijít.

ELIGOR jest duchem čtvrtým. Zjevuje se jako rudoch s korunou ze železa. Poroučí rovněž legii šedesáti a dává znalost vítězství ve válce a učí jak spor vyvolati.

Pátý duch zván je DURSON má dvacet dva familiarních démonů, zjevuje se jako havran. Může odhaliti okultní tajemství veškerá a vyjevit pravdu o časech dávno minulých.

Šestý jest VUAL jeho forma jest mraku temného on učí veškerým jazykům pradávným.

Sedmý SCOR kdož přichází ve formě bílého hada on zahrne penězmy vás když příkaz mu dáte.

ALGOR osmý přízrak jest on přichází jako moucha. Může říct o tajemstvích veškerých a přízeň velkých princů a králů zaručit.

Devátý jest SEFON. Manifestuje se jako muž se zelenou tváří a vládne silou ukázat kde ukryté poklady dlí.

Desátý PARTAS. Má formu ohromného supa a může sdělit učení o bylinách a kamenech rozličných, učinit neviditelnými vás a též navrátit zrak jež byl ztracen.

Přízrak jedenáctý jest GAMOR zjevuje se jako člověk úžasné formy. Naučí vás jak získat přízně osob významných a zahnati může každého ducha jež bohatství chrání.

Dvanáctý je UMBRA, přichází v podobě obra. Může přepravovat hotovost z místa na místo když dáte mu lásku té ženy po které toužíte .

Třináctý duch jest ANABOTH, ten kdož bere podobu ropuchy žluté. Vládne mocí v nigromancii udělat vás mistry, může zahnat každého ďábla jež by bránil vám a vypravuje o věcech skrytých a cizích.

Když chtíti budete zavolati Glóby musíte za prvé udělati znamení jejich na zemi.

Znamení Globu

Když chtíti budete zavolati Glóby musíte za prvé udělati znamení jejich na zemi.

A vyvolávejte jich takto


Těmito slovy ve jménu YOG SOTHOTH kdož tvým pánem jest, já konám nemocnější vzývání a volám vás O … Jméno …. Ty kterýž pomoci když zapotřebí jest můžeš.

Přistup Káži ti znamením síly této! (vykonejte VOOR)


Poté duch zjeví se a žádost vaši vykoná.

Jestliže zůstal skryt zraku vašemu, foukněte prášku Ibn Ghazi a v okamžiku on nabere podobu náležitou.

Když vy vykázati je budete chtít a vzývání ukončiti. Jejich znamení vymažte šavlí z Barzai a slova tato proneste.


( a zapečeťte znamením Koth)

poznámka: Jestliže oni tvrdohlavě odmítají zjeviti se a mluviti. Rozsekněte vzduch natřikrát šavlí z Barzai a vyslovte ADRICANOROM DUMASO! a jejich jazyky rozváží se a oni pravdivou odpověď budou nuceni vám dát.

Ritual for summoning Yog-Sothoth and opening the Gate


(could be replaced with other banishings. Uses Salt, water and incence.)

Zazii, Zamaii, Puidmon the Powerful,
Sedon the Strong, El, Yod, He, Vau, He,
Iah, Agla, protect me and help me when I summon the Gate!
(light incense and candles)

No evil may approach from the North!
No evil may approach from the East!
No evil may approach from the South!
No evil may approach from the West!
No evil may approach from Zenith!
No evil may approach from Nadir!
(bow towards the directions)

The Flaming Circle locks everything in!
Draba, draba, kalta, kalta, entemoss!
The Flaming Circle locks everything out!
Draba, draba, kalta, kalta, entemoss!
Accar, Zour and Maroud! Lock the circle and let no evil pass through!
Draba, draba, kalta, kalta, entemoss!
(participants walk round the circle. Salt, water and incense is sprinkled)

The Summoning:

Per Adonai Elohim, Adonai Jehova
Adonai Sabaoth, Metraton Ou Agla Methon,
Verbum Pythonicum, Mysterium Salamandrae
Cenventus Sylvorum, Antra Gnomorum
Demonia Coeli God, Almonsin Gibor
Jehoshua Evam Zariathnatmik, Veni, Veni, Veni!

(Put your hands above your head, with the thumbs and index fingers
together so they create a equilateral triangle. Turn the right hand
so its halve of the triangle points down, creating a paralellogram.
Turn the left hand, creating a downwards pointing triangle. Move it
down to your forehead, turning it upwards, so the final result is a
triangle on your forehead.)

Hear me!
King of Infinite Space!
The Foundation of Fastness!
Ruler of Earthquakes!
The Vanquisher of Terror!
The Creator of Panic!
The Shining Victor!
Son of Chaos and the Void!
The Guardian of the Abyss!
God of the Outermost Darkness!
Lord of Dimensions!
Guardian of The Secrets!
Lord of the Labyrinth!
Master of the Angles!
God of the Whiporwills!
Lord of the Gate!
Opener of the Way!
The Oldest!
The One by Life Prolonged!
Umr At-Tawil!
Your servant call upon you!

(Take the staff and turn it first so it points Right-Left, then Up-Down,
then Forward-Back. Then twist it, and visualize how it is turned to
point into the fourth dimension, perpendicular to the other directions.
It will show the eightrathed star of Chaos.)

Opening of the Gate:

(The staff is held horizontally.)

Yog-Sothoth knows the Gate.
Yog-Sothoth is the Gate.
Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the Gate.
Past, Present and Future, all is one in Yog-Sothoth.

By that which is not to be named,
By Azathoth,
By Nyarlathotep,
By Shub-Niggurath,
By the two snakes,
By that which created the Voids,
By Kadath in the Cold Waste,
By the Plateu of Leng,
By Yuggoth,
By the moon-lens,
By the inprisoned,
By the free,
By Samas, Gibil and Nusuku,
By the High Name of Ea,
By the Seven Demons,
Guardian, let the Gate be opened!

By Chaos,
By the Void,
By the Light,
By the Darkness,
By the Air,
By the Fire,
By the Water,
By the Earth,
Key, open the Gate!

By my sacred oath,
Let those who want to leave come out!
Let those who want to enter come in!
Let us see intp the Hiding Light!
Let us see into the Blinding Darkness!
Rend the Veil!
Crush the Mirror!
Reveal the Illusion!
See, the Gate opens!

(slowly turn the staff from horizontal to vertical, and make the sign
of the Rending of the Veil.)

See, the Nodes are filled with Power!
See, the Lines are filled with Power!
See, the Angles twist and open!


I have performed this ritual in front of a lovecraftesque monument and on a empty hilltop. I prefer to have it done on a starlit night, preferably a Sabbath. It is also nice if it is cold, suggesting the emptyness of the Void (I have noticed a fall of temperature both times I have performed the ritual properly).

As incense I used jars filled with a mix of sugar, salpeter and incense, which I ignited, creating red-violet fire and lots of irritating smoke.

I also used the following seals drawn in the snow or around the circle

Yog-Sothoth Nyarlathotep Shub-Niggurath Azathoth

In the summoning, I visualized a cloud of darkness slowly forming behind reality, gathering into a vortex. Inside the vortex Yog-Sothoth manifests from the higher dimensions. Its shape is highly highly variable. Think of the movies of three-dimensional cross-sections of fourdimensional objects, especially the pictures of julia sets in the quaternions. It rotates, twists, splits up and reform itself constantly.

In the Gate opening, I visualize a Gate in front of me, a place where reality gets thinner and thinner, until it reveals the Outside. A bit like a picture where the image fades to reveal the wall behind. Also helpful is meditation about the Schwartzhid metric in General Relativity.

Ye Call to the Render of the Veils

It should be noted that the Render is a fickle being, and thus this rite may not be performed with impunity. Though the means to its completion may be sought at any time, only when the magician is ready shall these tools come into his hands.

First, one must seek out the blessing of the Render through the gaining of one of His sacred images. The path of least hazard is to obtain one from another magician or priest, but I know of none in our land who hold these, and those who possess them are loath to part with them. If you despair of this, sometimes such eidolons may be found by the soul as it floats in trance through the Higher Realities. Indeed, some find the image of the Render in their visions without searching, but these occurrences are rare indeed. Those who possess the Crystallizer of Dreams will find this less taxing, but note what I have said elsewhere of that item.

Once the image is obtained, the rite may then commence. The summoning is best performed at night, as then the outline of the Render will be masked, and when the stars are in their proper places. Do not rely upon charts or records, for such matters are incomprehensible to mortals, but let the spirit within be the judge of the day and hour. It would be well if one would take on some companions in this task, that their vitality as well as the wizard's may be drawn forth for the Work.

First the wizard shall create the Pentacle of Planes. Though the twigs of the ash is best for this purpose, it may be made from other materials, or even drawn upon the ground if no other means are available, but be certain that there is not even a hairbreadth's crack in the design. Within this stricture place the cranium of one of the hideous lurkers of the tarns of Zemargad, and into this insert two candles made from the fat of the proper kind, one part of mandragora, three of ivy leaf, and one of salt. Place the image close by, though not within three cubits of the Pentacle itself.

Light the candles and take up an iron rod bearing on its end a drawn representation of the Render's shape as it appears to oneself. Having purified the area, strike this rod upon the ground and speak the following:

" Uthgos plam'f Daoloth asgu'i! O come forth Thou who sweepest aside the veils of perception, and showest the realities beyond. For it shall be here as it is in Yuggoth, in Tond as it is in Shaggai, in Poseidonis as it is in Yaddith-Gho, in Yian-Ho as it is in Tsan-Chan. The time of Thy coming is nigh, and the Abyss of the Night of Time is bridged. Make Thyself manifest in our spheres, that we may gain Thy knowledge and be edified thereby. Ia Th'ailog! K'thakluth m'khur'g ath'lys! Ia Daoloth!"

When the beacons have been snuffed and the Render has manifested himself within the Pentacle, he will reach forth and take what is necessary from those nearby. After this the wizard may question the Render how- soever it is desired. No banishment is necessary, for following the impartation of the knowledge and the departure of his time the Render shall withdraw back to the Veil Beyond the Abyss.

The following is most important. If any portion of the ritual, no matter how small, is not performed properly, it is best to conclude the ceremony forthwith before the Render manifests. If the candle flames burn yellow, it shows the favor of That Which Is Beyond. Make certain to perform the ceremony at the exact moment of the Veil's rending, for this time is brief. Be fluid with the motions and speak the words of invocation smoothly. Be certain that those who assist you are trustworthy and steadfast. It is of especial import that those who call out to the Veil should do so out of a genuine desire for knowledge and not mere curiosity, for That Which Is Beyond will give those whose search is for the latter exactly that which they desire.

Some have said that the Render may bestown the ability to perceive the true nature of the world, but such an experiment is extremely perilous to the mind and soul of he who would do so. The Atlantean high priest Klarkash-ton tells of an acolyte who attempted to do so, and met his death the the hands of his horrified fellows as they struck out at _what had grown within_. Considering this, such an act would be foolish for all but the mightiest sorcerers.

Book of Materials

This Book is about the tools, materials and other protections the reader will need in order to perform The Arts.

Ye wise Reader will find in these pages all the necessary devices for the practice of the Art. Powders, Talismans, Incenses, Unctions may become useful allies on the road to Knowledge. Be advised of such protective devices by this note written by a skilled sorcerer before his sudden disparition.

If thou wish to bind the Spirits to Thy Will, thou shall Compound the Incense of Zkauba and proceed carefully.

To observe the airial manifestations of the spirits, Make the Powder of Ibn Ghazi, and do not despise the Elder Sign.

True visions of time yet to come shall be grabted by using the Unction of Khephnes the Egyptian.

To Fashion the Scimitar of Barzai, follow these rules attentively and thou shall be granted of its vertue.

Of protective devices

My protection seems to be holding, but for how long I can only guess ... the Elder Sign has taken much abuse ... Before I leave this "sanctuary" let me describe what I perceive to be some effective defenses against the agents of humanity ...

The Elder Sign -- imprinted with a sign of power and blessed by the priests of the Elder Gods. They CAN NOT not be duplicated (Lord knows we tried -- with disasterous results). Size has no bearing on the power of the sign .. I have seen signs both large and small ...

Rock Salt -- used to replace buckshot, this is effective against Shuggoths, the Ancient Race, and the Yuggoth Fungi. You must get close for the shot to puncture their "flesh" ... too close ...

The Chaos Shield -- this device is a small buckler with the eight arrows of Chaos imprinted on the front. Michael Moorcock wrote of the device after a dream and incorporated it into his "Elric" stories. The device exists ... it was last seen near Greenland ... it offers immunity from physical attacks from outer world beings.

Explosives -- the Deep Ones can be damaged by normal physical means. Explosives seem to do the most damage. Fire unfortunately does not seem to hurt them as much as we would have thought ... must be the skin ...

Fire -- Man's first defense since elder times. There's NO guarentee that ancient / elder outer world creatures are succeptable to fire attacks. It never hurts to carry some oil and a dependable light ...

Silver -- When used as a head dress (woven into a hood, cap, etc...) prevents most baneful creatures from harming your mind (or reading your thoughts). This information came from other sources that haven't been disproved (yet), ... it saved my life once ...

Mirror -- Most intelligence creatures ignore the mirror ... works to distract the stupider creatures ...

Black powder -- effective means of stopping the Shuggoths from smelling / tracking you ... works well on other creatures ...

I must leave now ... supplies are low ... time is short ... till next time ...

Smíchání směsi té kadidla Zakuba adsaf

Když Luna přibývá v hodinu a den Merkuru. Vy nashromáždíte od každého stejně části. Myrhy, cibín, ambroň, pelyněk, assafoetidia, galban a pižmo. Vše toto smícháte do jednoho a na nejjemnější prášek rozdrtíte.

Umístíte tak všechny shromážděné prvky v nádobě ze zeleného skla a neprodišně uzavřené zátkou s vepsanými sigiliemi Marsu a Saturnu.



Pozdvihněte nádobu k čtyřem větrům a nahlas křičte mocná slova.





Zakryjte nádobu černou látkou a odložte. Po dalších sedm nocí budete nádobu koupat ve svitu Luny po dobu jedné hodiny. Vy budete nádobu zakrývat pod černou látkou od ranního kuropění až po Slunce západ.

Vše výše učiněné bude směřovat k výrobě směsi, Jež ve spojení s vašimi znalostmi vám dá sílu přivolat vládnout ďábelským legiím.

Poznámka: Když vy užíváte směsi pro obřady základní, pro větší účinnost směsi té, jest možno přidati jeden díl prášku z mumie egyptské. Použití vůně Zakuba při všech obřadech zasvěcených starověkému učení, doplňte živím uhlím z tisu či dubu.

A až duchové se zjeví blízko mlhavého kouře směsi, okouzlí je a oslní tak, že se jejich moc podvolí vůli vaší.

Ku udělání prášku Ibn Ghaziadsaf

Mystický prach zhmotnění: Z hrobky v níž mrtvé tělo leží po sto let a více uzměte prach. Poté Tři díly prášku Armanath. Dva díly popínavého břečťanu a jeden díl kvalitní soli. V den a hodinu Saturnu smíchejte vše toto v hmoždíři otevřeném. Nad přísadami smíchanými znamení VOOR udělejte a zapečeťte prášek v olověné urně načež znamení Koth na ni vyryjte.

Použití prášku toho: Kdykoliv vy budete chtít sledovat éterická zjevení duchů, foukněte z dlaně, nebo ostří Bolyne, špetku prachu v směru příchodu jejich

A však znamení Starších nezapomeňte vykonat, aby výhonky temnoty neobepnuly duši vaší.

Pomazání Kephnes toho Egyptskéhoadsaf

Ten každý jež pomaže si hlavu mastí Khepnes ve spánku uzří vize toho co nadejde. Když Měsíc přibývá na místě září jeho oblaženou, v hliněném tavícím kotli, v množství převelikém olej lotosu dejte, posypejte a jednu mandragoru v prášku. Pak míchati musíte větví vidlicovitou z divokého trnitého křoviska. Až bude dokonáno proneste zaklínání Yebsu, z papyru vějířovitého uspořádání.

Jsem přízraků pán,

Oridimbai, Sonadir, Episghes,

Jsem Ubaste

Jsem Ubaste, Ptho zrozený z Binui Sphe, Phas;

Ve jménu Auebothiabathabaithobeuee

Dej moc mému zaříkání Ó Nasira Oapkis Shfe,

Dej sílu Chons v Thebách Nefer-hotep, Ophois,

Dej sílu Ó Bakaxikhekh!

Přidejte špetku lektvaru z rudé země, devět kapek sody, čtyři kapky balzámu z kadidla a jednu kapku krve z pravé ruky tvé. Vše toto spojte v poměru totožném s tukem housete a umístěte nad oheň. Pokud vše vykonáno náležitě bylo a temná pára začne zvedati se, vykonejte znamení Starších a odstraňte nádobu z ohně. Až vychladne mast, vy nejlépe v alabastrové urně uchováte ji, na místě tajném známém vám pouze do doby té než vy užít ho budete chtít.

Pro vykování šavle z Barzaiadsaf

V dni a hodině Marsu, když Luna dorůstá, začneme pracovat na šavli z bronzu a rukojetí z kvalitního dřeva ebenového.

Na ostří ze strany jedné v pište tyto znaky

Barzai strana1

A ze strany druhé

Barzai strana2

V den a hodinu Saturnu, když Měsíc ubývá Rozdělejte vy oheň z vavřínu a větví tisu. A nabídněte ostří plamenům, říkaje pětinásobné zaříkání

Silně vzývám vás povstaňte O mocné přízraky dlící v Abysu

Ve obávaném a mocném jménu Azathotha předstupte sem a darujte moc tomuto ostří tvarovanému dle starověkého vědění.

XENTHONO-ROHMATRU přikazuji ti, O AZIABELIS od YSEHYROROSETH, Já volám vás O ANTIQUELIS, v obrovském a hrozivém jméně DAMAMIACH který CROM-YHA pronesl a hory přinutil se třást. O BARBUELIS navštiv mne a pomož mi. Obdař tuto zbraň silnými kouzly, plamennými runami, které budou nahánět strach do srdcí všech přízraků jež by neposlechly příkazů mých. A které nápomocné bude pro veškeré magické operace mé.

Ve jménu velkého a mocného YOG SOTHOTH a v nepřemožitelném znamení VOOR (udělej znamení)

Dej mi moc!

Dej mi moc!

Dej mi moc!

Když plameny v modré se změní to jest znamením, že přízraky vašim požadavkům se podvolí načež zchladíte ostří v před připravené směsi slané vody a kohoutí té divné červené věci co má nahoře?

Zapalte kadidlo Zakuba jako oběť přízrakům, a poté k jejich domovům propusťte je slovy těmito.

Ve jménech Azathotha a Yog Sothoth jejich služebníku Nyarlathotepovi a ve znamení Starších (udělejte znamení Starších) Já propouštím vás opusťte místo toto v míru a nevracejte se dokud vás nepřivolám zpět. (zapečeťte portál znamením Koth)

Zabalte šavli v látce z hedvábí černého, a dejte stranou do doby, dokud nebude potřeba. Na paměti mějte, že ruka nikoho jiného nesmí se dotknout šavle této, jinak síla její by navždy ztracena byla.

šavle z Barzai

Book of Signs

This Book is about the symbols, signs and languages necessary to a good use of The Arts.

Ye Verb is powerful. As powerful are Signs, Symbols and Scriptures. Advised Readers shall learn protective signs, sacred seals and ancient languages in order to perform well. The importance of signs should not be ignored, for Thy life shall depend on them.

the Alphabet of Nug-Soth is one key to the talismanic art and in all the sacred inscriptions. They shall be used in addition to potent signs and sacred seals.



Abeceda Nug-Sothadsaf

Nug Soth

poznámka: Při psaní mystickým písmem Nug Soth v latince C jest sloužící jako K.

Znaky Nug jsou klíčem do úrovní, slouží talismanů výrobě a ku potřebě všech svatých nápisů

O znameních rozličných adsaf

Ty nejmocnější gesta tvoří se levou rukou a využijete jich při obřadech svých.

znameni ruky

První znamení jest znamení VOOR, jest přirozeným a pradávným znamením Prastarých. Učiňte jej pokaždé,když budete volat ty, jež dlí za prahem.

Druhým znamením je Kish, překonává všechny hranice a otevírá brány do nejzazších rovin.


Na místě třetím jest velké znamení Koth, jež pečetí brány a hlídá stezky.

Čtvrté znamení přináleží Starším bohům. ochraňuje ty, kdož chtějí vyvolat síly noci a vykáže síly nepřátelské a jejich nebezpečenství.

znameni ruky

Poznámka: Znamení Starších formu druhou má, v níž vyryté do šedého kamene Mnar slouží k zadržení moci Velkých Prastarých do konce věků.

Sacred Seals

Yog-Sothoth Nyarlathotep Shub-Niggurath Azathoth

Book of rituals

This Book is about ceremonies and rituals The Reader shall perform to be revealed past and future events, and The Secrets of the Arts.

azardeous is the road to True Knowledge and mastery of the Arcanes. Only fools can try to perform rituals without knowing about the Old Ones and Earth Magick to the perfection. Such foolish attemps are bound to fail.

Whosoever performeth the Ritual of Dho-Hna with true understanding shall pass beyond the Gates of Creation and enter the Ultimate Abyss wherein dwelleth the vapourous Lord S'ngac who eternally pondereth the Mystery of Chaos.


Of the old ones and earth magick

Fools indeed are those Sorcerers who, intoxicat'd with their own fame and justify'd of theri own Powers, do lay hold on the Old Ones as if they be mere Daemons, and seek to conjure and hold such by the Cantrip, the Spell, and the Five-Pointed Star.

For Daemons do verily obey these things, but the Old Ones be far more than Daemons, and hold all magick of Earth as vain and powerless and all Sorcerers of Earth as children pretend'ng to command the Wind whither it blows. the most potent wizard Ibn Al-Kadil did in my presence try his rule over one Old One, a creature of most surprising habits and unpleasant attitude whose name was called Y------c, who was but a shadow of dread CTHULHU in both power and awfulness. Said Ibn Al-Kadil, that to but read the name of Y------c was to ensure its coming, and to say the name aloud was certain disaster. Thus Ibn Al-Kadil had fortify'd himself with the most terrible collection of potions, talismans, and binding spells known to magicians of this astral plane before the invocation was ever made.

Alas, Y------c did not wait on the invocation, but did appear early, and all that was left of the most potent wizard Ibn Al-Kadil was his pile of protective trinkets. These Y------c did throw at my feet most disdainfully before vanishing as quickly as it came.

So it is that I tell you of a truth that the Old Ones obey not their summoners, but disdain them; and that for some of Them a passing thought is as an open Gate.


Vzorec z Dho-Hna tenadsaf

Kdokoli vek tento obřad provede s pochopením pravým, moci bude mít projít za hranici bran stvoření a do nejzazší propasti kde dlí průzračný S'ngac kdož věčně rozmlouvá o Chaosu tajemstvích.

Vykreslete síť úhlů těch šavlí z Barzai a oběť poskytněte kadidla Zkauba. Do té sítě vstupte vy skrze bránu Severní přednášejíc zaříkání: ZAZAS, NASATANADA, ZAZAS ZAZAS, přejděte k nejjižnějšímu vrcholu tomu cestou alpha načež vykonejte znamení Kish vyslovte na trojmo slova síly OHODOS-SCIES-ZAMONI! Postupte odtamtud do rohu severovýchodního opěvujíc třetí verš pátého žalmu Nyarlathotepovi náležícímu. Udělejte paternásobné pokleknutí zbožné v místech kde křivky se protínají.

Ten kdož dlí v temnotě Ten kdož přebývá ve středu temnoty budiž temnota věčná když podvolí se Onyxovému trůnu.

Pozastavte se u třetího úhlu a udělejte znovu znamení Kish pronášejíc těch slov jež cestu vyčistí do portálu toho.


Následujte třetí cestu k vrcholu ze západu a vykonejte tam úklonu tu mlčky ( hluboce ukloňte se na třikrát a vykonejte Voor). Otočte se a postupujte cestu Proměny vedoucí do nejzazšího úhlu. Bránu otevřete tu do Abyssu devateronásobným stvrzením.


znak transfigurace

Vykonejte znamení Přeměny a vstupte do víru

uhly siť




Documents from various origins, relative to the Necronomicon have been added to this version.

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